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River Running—with words about, and photographs of, each (if completed):

(Some photos are still .gif images, which I once thought was appropriate. They will be changed in time to .jpg images.)

New Item: There seems to be big interest in no-ice river menus. That is, food for a multiday river trip that does not require ice.

The Lower Salmon River, Idaho
Desolation Canyon, Green River, Utah
San Juan River, Utah
Rogue River, Oregon
Cataract Canyon, Colorado River, Utah
Low water in the Canyon of Lodore
The Grand Canyon, Arizona
...Single Boat Down the Grand

...Rapids, Part One

...Rapids, Part Two

...Waterspots, Part One

...Waterspots, Part Two


Super Cub Ferry Flight and Ultralight Introduction

Amateur radio

This page has been taken down. Elimination of the Morse code

requirement for amateur radio licenses has mostly happened

and I believe it will be complete before too long.

I've not been hearing any more code-related insults about who's a "real ham,"

so I've nothing further to say on the subject.


Vietnam Odysseys

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