A few places and things in Vietnam... Photos copyright © Thomas G. Rampton 2001

Cactus on the road to Phan Rang, left

The climate is favorable for cactus toward the south of Vietnam.

It is also favorable for grapes near Phan Rang. The man on the right is a grape grower near that city.

This walkway and building are part of the religious shrine on Marble Mountain, near Da Nang.

This simple bike shop was inland from Phan Rang, on the way to Dalat.

The barber shop was farther toward Dalat, in Song Pha at the base of the mountains.

Nguyen Thi My Hanh

My Hanh was our guide and a most capable overseer of details in 2002.

She is employed by V.Y.C Tours in Ho Chi Minh City.

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