Desolation and Gray Canyons River Guide

2003 Edition

ISBN 0-9634799-5-4

A new 2003 edition of this popular book will be back from the printer in the latter part of May, 2003. Hopefully around the 26th. It will go to several booksellers then.

But you can get one as soon as they're available by sending a check to me at Blacktail Enterprises, Box 86, Nathrop, CO 81236, for $15.95 payable to Blacktail Enterprises. Amazon and others won't have these books until several days after I get them, but I'll ship to anyone who sends me a paper check. I won't charge you for shipping. I also won't cash any checks until I have books to ship.

What happens is that when I get a check, I make out a mailing label and put it on a box. I put the check in the box. On the day I get books, I will replace the checks with books, and ship. I will then cash the checks.

Distribution should settle down in about a month. Then Desolation and Gray Canyons River Guide will be at several river book sellers.

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