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River rafting guidebooks, and a book about three visits to Vietnam—the last two mostly on a bicycle—by Thomas G. Rampton.

Tom Rampton's independent publishing company is named for Blacktail Canyon, a wonderful tributary canyon to the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon at river mile 120.
It isn't what that Florida prison inmate hoped when he sat to write me a letter.

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Arkansas River Guide, a popular whitewater river in central Colorado, from Granite to Cañon City. This book is sold out, but will be replaced by a new edition during the winter of 2005-06.

Desolation and Gray Canyons River Guide The newest (2003) edition of this popular guide was completely reworked from the edition before, which won a book award in 2002. I found new digital maps and marked them up with river miles and other information. I rearranged all the color pages for offset printing, which required that all the color be arranged in "signatures." I did much revision in almost every chapter. A long job, but it was done in June, 2003. It is intended as the first in a series of Green River guides; the next will be Labyrinth Canyon.

Vietnam in the Absence of War: One Immoral War, Two Revealing Bicycle Trips
This book is for anyone who wonders what the Vietnamese have done with their independent country in the years since our military misadventure there. I was drafted and sent to Vietnam in 1969, but I went there voluntarily in 1998 and 1999 to see the country without war in the way, mostly from a bicycle. Since the initial CD edition in 2001, this book has been thoroughly re-edited—and is now in paperback with lots of color photos and maps. A fourth trip to Vietnam was made in February-March, 2002, and is partly described on this site, though not in this book. Photos are also here.

Labyrinth Canyon River Guide was finished in the spring of 2005 and is available. This is one of the greatest canoe trips around, through one of the best canyons.


Summer Adventure in Vietnam.

I would still like to lead a trip to some of the national parks in Vietnam, although our first proposed trip didn't happen in 2004. Such a trip would probably emphasize parks in the north of Vietnam, as well as the A Shau Valley and certain cities of the central coast. Check again about progress on this, or let me know of your interest.

I'm setting up a new website at that will be specifically about this proposed trip, and will have many photos from previous investigation including in particular some of the magnificent places we'll be going.

Tom Rampton's personal pages

Several river trips including the Grand Canyon, sections about aviation, amateur radio, Vietnam travel, trucking, wild country meter reading, about me, my cats, and about this part of Colorado. There is also a collection of no-ice menus for river people.

Sunset from my porch in the Upper Arkansas River Valley of Colorado